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Jonas Lindgren ( Rising Super Star) Got 2 Sales & Whooping 51% opt-in Rate!

My name is Anoop chawla & I have been in the internet marketing game for 5 years now, and last month I was awarded as the top 3rd solo vendor in the industry based on continuous positive feedback from clients.

Keys To Kingdom:

If you have been online for a while you already know that the missing piece for your successful online business is Targeted High Quality TRAFFIC which Simply CONVERTS!

Solo Ads are the simplest way to get your business in front of targeted audience without spending months learning about latest Google traffic loophole or spamming Facebook groups (which gets bunch of freebies seekers on your list who will never buy anything anyway).

How Our Program Works:

Step 1: Select the clicks package below and make the payment.

Step 2: Fill the form that you are shown after you make the payment or you can also simply email me your offer link at

Step 3: Based on your offer our expert copywriter will create an email copy (Swipe) for you, this email will be sent to my list of targeted & prequalified audience who have already shown interest in the type of program you are offering.

Step 4: You will be given the date on which your campaign will be scheduled

Step 5: Once I have finished delivering the clicks I will personally get back to you with the report for your campaign and ensuring everything went smoothly.

Then once the payment is made you will be given the date on which your campaign will be scheduled, once the campaign is finished I will personally get back to you with the report for your campaign and ensuring everything went smoothly.


 High Percentage Tier 1 traffic (Around 80%)

We only use high quality traffic source like solos, free reports etc, We NEVER Use “ad swaps”, co registration or any other questionable methods that most of the sellers use.

Traffic is Delivered Within 48 – 92 Hours

Overdelivery Guaranteed (Around 15%)

IM/MMO/Biz Opp Based

Traffic primarily from “paid for” traffic methods and back end campaigns.

Complete report of traffic: no. of clicks, geo location, date & more.

We Only send unique Email broadcast clicks which delivers highest possible quality, No pop-ups, funnel, exit, ad-fly or any other shady practices are used.

No Question of List Saturation Ever:

We are Adding 100 – 300 fresh leads every day, which means no matter how often you buy, your offer will be seen by fresh eye balls all the time :)

Amit gets high optins and sales consistently

Here Are Some Success Stories Of People Who Are Using My Traffic:

Lexi got 12 Sales Worth $255!

Justin got 4 Sales

 Juvy got 49.49% Optin Rate & 3 Sales!

Peter got 3 Sales & was not surprised AT ALL!

Zach got 42% Optin Rate with 2 Sales

James got 62% Optin & 2 sales

David got 61.41% Optin Rate!

Torsten got Whopping 60% Optin Rate

64% Optin Rate

Anthony felt it was the BEST Solo

Arturo gets 46% Conversion!

Optin Rate of 48%!

Azrian is very Happy &  got 42% Conversion!

Eugene got 55% Optin Rate!

Igor got 50% Money Back Right Away!

Got 40% Optin in few Sales!

Jonas got 49.54% Optin!

Marisa got 46% Optin & 1 Sale

Mark got Solid Traffic & 46% Optin!

Nick got 4 Sales & 48% Optin!

Robert got 45% Conversion!

Simon is Happy with what he Recieved

Vasile got 46% Optin!

Choose Your Package:

100% Tier One Countries

(All Visitors/Clicks will be from premium countries (Tier one/T1) like US, UK, CA, AU, GB, NZ.)

100 Unique T1 Clicks - $85

Only 0.85 Per Click!

300 Unique T1 Clicks - $243

You Save 5%

Only 0.81 Per Click!

500 Unique T1 Clicks - $390

You Save 8%

Only 0.78 Per Click!

1000 Unique T1 Clicks - $750

You Save 12%

Only 0.75 Per Click!

2000 Unique T1 Clicks - $1420

You Save 16%

Only 0.71 Per Click!

100% US Countries

(100 % Of Clicks will come from JUST USA, which is the most prominent online shopping country and converts really well for Internet marketing, MLM, Biz Opps or anything related to making money)

100 Unique US Clicks - $100

Only $1 Per Click!

300 Unique US Clicks - $285

You Save 5%

Only 0.95 Per Click!

500 Unique US Clicks - $465

You Save 7%

Only 0.93 Per Click!

1000 Unique US Clicks - $870

You Save 13%

Only 0.87 Per Click!

2000 Unique US Clicks - $1620

You Save 19%

Only 0.81 Per Click!

If You Have Any Questions
Please Reach Out To Me And
Get Them Answered
(It's Fast & Easy!)

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I CANNOT determine the results you will receive with the traffic. It is up to you to have a high converting offer and sales funnel. You should know how well your squeeze page converts. However, I could guarantee that your offer will be sent to my high quality & responsive list (Buyer List Included) and you’ll get the UNIQUE clicks that you paid for.

I only accept offers in the Internet Marketing (IM) / BiZ OP / Make Money Online (MMO) niches.

I reserve the right to refuse any offer. If in doubt, please send me your website url prior to ordering.

There are NO REFUNDS on completed traffic runs. All sales are final. I look forward to serving your online advertising needs!

Regards, I Look Forward to Working with you – Anoop Chawla